CBD Products in Fairmont, MN

Medicinal Cannabis Products in Fairmont, MN

There's appears to be no end in sight to the applications of Cannabis. From hemp textile production to potent and natural pain reduction, this incredible plant is an all-round powerhouse. When you purchase from us, you're getting over a hundred years of combined Horticulture expeirence transferred into your products. Reach out to the specialists at SmithWorkx Inc. today to learn more about ordering the best MN has to offer.

Hemp Products in Fairmont, MN

Smokable Bud (Flower)

Our Stanky Danky Bud flowers are available in CBD dominant or CBG dominant strains.

$490/lb | $125/oz. | $74/half oz. | $39/quarter oz. | $19/eigth oz.

Rosin (DABS)

Sold Out.

CBD Tinctures

Our CBD oil products are potent.  You can expect a high-quality product that is ideal for helping with anxiety, depression, stomach problems, and sleep difficulties very well.

CBG Tinctures

CBG is one of the larger and most beneficial cannabinoids in the hemp plant and is known for its ability to target bodily inflammation and soreness. Additionally, CBG has an effect of heightened alertness and euphoria when smoked--similar to coffee. SmithWorkx Inc. offers CBG in smokeable flower form and various extracts.

Premium Kief

The crystaline Tricomes which make the flower sparkle and contain the highest levels of CBD & CBG.  Collected and sold as a pristine sticky powder called Kief. Sold in 1/2 gram or 1 gram jars of your favorite Cannabis strains.

(CBG kief - Sold Out)


Save valuable time by purchasing plants that have already begun to grow! At SmithWorkx Inc., our clones are all established for four weeks and are exact copies of our chosen phenotype hybrid plants. Our clones are available for purchase in a small 2"-diameter pot or plug tray.  Minimum order of 100 clones.