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Over the past few years, Cannabis/Hemp products in MN, have exploded in popularity—and we're at the forefront of this exciting and re-emerging industry. Whether you're looking for some Dank Smokeable Flower, Kief, Rosin Dabs, or Tinctures, you can count on us for the finest Cannabis products on the market. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today for more information about making a purchase or wholesale applications.

Where Quality Comes First

A recent study showed that nearly 80% of the CBD, and other cannabis products, found online at the major retailers.  Do not actually contain the ingredients they are advertising.  Even 67% of cannabis products in MN were found to be mis-labeled, containing fewer then the percentage or milligrams of canabinoids they claim, while others may contain far more!  The team at SmithWorkx Inc. is here to do things differently. Count on us for nothing but the best, medicinal-quality product. The secret to our excellent Cannabis  products is to start with top-of-the-line, genetically-superior cultivars and follow up with an unparalleled growing experience. Our products also undergo strict in-house testing, independant testing, and MN department of Agriculture testing.  These stringent company guidlines allow our product to be labeled as Pharmacutical Grade, meaning they are safe, pure, and effective!

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About Us

Here at SmithWorkx Inc., we're passionate about Cannabis (hemp)cultivation. Our CEO —Adam J. Smith— has 20 years of growing experience and is proud to lead a team with over 100 combined years of experience in the horticultural industry. Together, we look forward to supplying wholesale hemp products to businesses across the nation.


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